Terms of engagement and terms and conditions

In these Terms and Conditions: “We”, “us” and “our” refer to A&S (1992) limited, a trading name of A & S (1992) LIMITED. We’re a company incorporated in England and Wales (Company number: 04028467). Our registered office is 773 Uxbridge Road, Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 8HY. “You” and “your” refer to you or anyone else using our services, which are explained below, and services provided via our website, www.taxrefundsrus.com, that require you to enter personal information.

Our Responsibilities
Our responsibility will be to prepare and complete your self assessment tax returns. We will ensure that we accurately process all the information that you provide and take all necessary action to ensure we can deliver the service you require as quickly as possible. Before we submit your tax return, we will ask you to approve the accounts before we submit. We will also provide you with an invoice of our fees, along with your final tax return figure before submission. If you fail to provide all relevant information for your tax return then A&S 1992 Limited will not be held liable for the outcome of your tax refund/liability. We work to a high standard at A&S 1992 Limited and if we feel that we cannot provide a service which may breach our standards then we will notify you that we cannot provide the service requested. If there are liabilities or penalties caused by A&S 1992 Limited due to late filing of a document or error on our behalf, then we will make a payment for it. If it is found to not be our fault, then it will be your responsibility to make the required payment(s) to HMRC. A&S 1992 Limited will not be held responsible for delays in tax refunds caused by HMRC processes and security checks.

Our Services

Using the information you have provided to us in your tax refund pack, via emails, text messages and telephone calls we will assess and calculate your tax refund/liability. We will use this information to process and submit a tax return to HMRC, submitting the appropriate forms and documents on your behalf. If HMRC then decide that they would like to investigate or launch an enquiry into this tax return then A&S 1992 Limited will deal with all enquiries until the enquiry is closed, as long as we have submitted your accounts for the tax year in question. If the HMRC decide to investigate or launch an enquiry into a tax return not submitted by A&S 1992 Limited then we may be able to deal with the enquiry at an additional cost.

Your Responsibilities
By approving your accounts or acknowleding these terms and conditions (via phone, text, SMS, email or writing to us) you agree to have provided true, accurate, correct and complete information to us; in order for us to complete and submit your tax return. This will include providing clarity to us on aspects such as your sources of income and the amounts you received, including self-employed, pension, rental, PAYE, or benefit income for each tax year we are completing a tax return for. Any money received whereby a tax return was submitted based on incorrect information will have to be paid back. If this is the case, you accept that you have no right to claim any money back from A&S 1992 Limited, including our fee, unless we are at fault.

Our Fee
If possible, our fee will be deducted from any tax refund you may be due to receive from HMRC. If we do not hold a 64-8 or letter letter of nomination, we will require our fees to be paid in advance before we submit your tax return to HMRC. If HMRC sends a refund directly to you without authorisation from us, and the fees have not been previously paid by you; you agree to pay the fee agreed immediately. If this happens, we will take all necessary action to retrieve our fees. If you use the documents we have sent you to submit your own return then we will take all necessary action to recover our fees.
Our fees for each service generally range from £45-295 ex VAT; this depends on the service that you require from us and the amount of work involved. We will provide you with the final figure of the fees before we submit the accounts and will only proceed with submission when you have agreed. This will be via phone call and via a copy of the invoice which will be sent with your accounts. We will also provide you with the exact fee before we start working on your tax returns.
In special cases, this fee may increase, but we will notify you of any change before we begin your work. We will only proceed if you accept the revised fee. If we receive a refund from the HMRC and we cannot get into contact with you, we may charge a fee for holding the money in our account and trying to contact you; this will only happen if you have not responded to us after 3 months of no contact (no response via phone, email or post). We will attempt to contact you at least once every two weeks once we receive your refund.

Fast Track Service
If you provide us with incorrect information regarding aspects of your tax return then we will take legal action to recover money due to us. By signing these accounts, you agree that there are no outstanding debts with the HMRC, you are not declared as bankrupt or under an individual voluntary agreement. We charge £26 ex. VAT for our fast track service. In busy periods, we may not be able to fast track your accounts within 3 days, if this is the case, we will notify you. We are registered under the UK’s money laundering regulation and therefore it a requirement for us to check your identification and keep information to provide our fast track service. We will request a minimum of 2 legal documents to prove your identification.
Complaints policy
If you are unhappy with any elements of our services, you have the right to complain and for it to be responded to in full. We will endeavour to respond to any formal complaint within 14 working days. If it is not possible for us to respond within 14 days, we will contact you at the earliest and advise you of when you will receive a full response. To make a complaint, you can write to us at 773 Uxbridge Road, Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 8HY, you can phone us on 02085618388 or you can email us at info@taxrefundsrus.com.
We are also authorised with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), who is our supervisory body. If you are unhappy with our response, you may also seek guidance from ACCA.

Letter of nomination
We use a letter of nomination in tax refund cases if our fees are to be deducted from the repayment that’s due. If you do not wish for us to use a letter of nomination, then we will require payment of our full fees before submission to HMRC.
Please note that a letter of nomination gives us the right to receive your income tax refund for the years specified. Upon signing, this can be revoked by yourself contacting HMRC directly.
We provide a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period where you can request for us to revoke any letter of nomination in place. This will allow you to cancel the letter of nomination you have entered into.
A letter of nomination will only be valid after the 6th of April for the tax year that it relates to. If we receive a letter of nomination before the 6th of April, we will only process this after the tax year it relates to has elapsed. As such, we therefore allow an additional 14 days ‘cooling off’ period which will begin from the 6th of April of the relevant tax year, or the date that the letter of nomination was processed, whichever is later.
If, for any reason, you do not approve the accounts before submission, then we will revoke our letter of nomination upon request.
If we receive a repayment of tax from a letter of nomination, for a year where we have not completed any work, we will send the back to the HMRC and then revoke the letter of nomination (allowing yourself to claim the repayment directly from HMRC). We will not make any deductions from the repayment received.
You reserve the right to end the arrangement before any submission is made to the HMRC by us. You can do this by either calling us or sending this in writing. You cannot end the arrangement once submission (and the relevant work) has been completed by A&S 1992 Ltd, and we are awaiting the repayment.

Your records and data
You have the right to request your data and information back at any time. By acknowledging these terms and conditions, you have agreed and understood our privacy policy; which is found on our website www.taxrefundsrus.com/privacy-policy or getting into contact with us; we can send you a copy or explain aspects of the policy.